Heart Empowerment

For All People


Light is Here Now

Light is a book of Love, Light and Insight

Here Now for everyone, FREE



The services we offer are Heart empowerment services. To have an empowered heart is to live fully in the moment fearlessly, compassionately and lovingly.

For all individuals or groups.

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NewLove is the seed of a variety of dreams. Dreams that when acted upon become projects, and projects when completed become socially impactful initiatives. Here is where one can learn about these dreams, projects, and initiatives. 



We are here to build community, to foster friendship and family among people. NewLove is based on the values of compassion and unconditional Love, these are the values that this community is built upon. Love is what ties us together, we are one in this energy of acceptance and understanding.



The purpose of NewLove is to inspire insight into the worlds people. Darren Rea (right) who is the founder and creator of NewLove is an inspired dreamer that lives a life full of compassion, unconditional Love and intuitive inspired action.

The dream is to unite all people in the unifying wisdom of compassion and Unconditional Love. This can happen in any way, yet the goal is for us all to experience a life of peace, harmony and joy.

To us, all of this is possible if we allow ourselves to fully embody the being the heart wants us to be. A fully realized, fully present being.

Now is everything.





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