The Community is a community that is meant to be a symbol of unity, compassion and Love. Speaking seminars, meditation, art creation and a variety of other events will be hosted to inspire and cultivate peace, Love and joy. This community is for all people. To join, create a membership account on this website. The community is being put together and will come into full existence when the time comes.

Mentoring Program

As part of the Community members can get involved in the mentorship program. This is where the people who struggle with staying positive and uplifted can meet with and find a positivity mentor that will guide them in ways to be positive. 

Online Compassion and Love Course

Part of the NewLove dream is to create a free online course on the development of self-compassion, compassion for others, self-Love and Love for others. This course is meant to bring one to the state of enlightenment, as it is these two pillars that bring one to the state of presence, which in itself is enlightenment.

Steps to Realize


This is where we create the structure of the community and how we are to move forward. Thus we work on community building, event planning, the website and streamlining what we create.

Initiatives & Projects

This is when we start hosting events and doing things in the world that make a difference.

Realize the Change

See that what is being done is truly making a positive impact on the world. Thus we realize the change and continue to change.

World Peace

Bring all the people of the world into a unified understanding of compassion and Love. Such that all people resolve their conflicts and world peace comes into reality. This is the End Goal.